Frequently Asked Questions

What gives Pure Life® Purified Water its great taste?

A blend of minerals is added to Pure Life® Purified Water to give it a clean, crisp refreshing taste.

Where can I buy Pure Life® Purified Water?

Pure Life® is available at many retailers, including convenience stores, grocery stores and club stores. Click here for to buy Pure Life®.

Can Pure Life® water bottles be recycled?

Yes. All our bottles can be recycled* and we encourage everyone to do so.

*Excludes label and cap. Bottles may not be recyclable in your area.

What does Pure Life® do to ensure its water quality?

Pure Life® Purified Water undergoes a rigorous quality process.

Where can I find the manufacturing code?

All bottles have the date code on the bottle near the label.

What is the “Best By” date on your product?

We include a “best by” date as a 2 year or 1 1/2 year shelf life window, depending on the product, by which the consumer may measure “the age” of the water. You know it has been bottled 2 years, or 1 1/2 years, prior to the “best by” date on the bottle.

Do I need to refrigerate the product after opening?

Individually sized water bottles should be consumed as soon as possible. This is to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Once opened, containers can be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. For larger bottles, like our 1 gal bottles, the water should be poured into a separate container for consumption. It should not be consumed directly from the bottle itself. This is to help ensure optimum freshness and quality.

What minerals may be added for taste?

Calcium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Sulfate.

Why is sodium bicarbonate in Pure Life® Purified Water?

Sodium bicarbonate is an inorganic compound composed of sodium and bicarbonate. It’s sometimes referred to as “baking soda” because, in larger quantities, it’s a common ingredient in bakery products. At a much smaller level, sodium bicarbonate is naturally found in most spring and mineral waters, and we chose to include the minerals we add to our Pure Life® Purified Water to create a clean, refreshing, smooth taste. All of the minerals we add to Pure Life® Purified Water are high purity inorganic ingredients obtained through manufacturing processes from natural materials.

How can I view your water quality report?

So glad you asked! We have detailed reports about our bottled water quality available here. The reports are based on independent testing results from certified labs.

Where does Pure Life® Purified Water come from?

Our Pure Life® Purified Water comes from municipal or well sources and undergoes a 12-step quality process during which minerals are added back to the product for consistent taste.

How do I submit a request for donation and sponsorship?

You certainly can. Send your sponsorship or donation request here. We consider requests very carefully, and as a rule, we’re only able to consider proposals 45 days in advance of your opportunity. If it’s submitted within the time frame, we’ll look it over and respond to your request within 45 days. Please note that we receive hundreds of requests for support each year and are unable to fund every request.

Does Pure Life® have a loyalty/rewards program?

Yes! Pure Life® is part of the Rewards Drop loyalty program where shoppers like you can earn points by purchasing and engaging with the brand. View the Rewards Drop page to learn more and signup.

How does the Rewards Drop program work?

  1. Upload Receipts: Earn points for uploading a photo of your receipt showing purchase of in-store case or single use bottles
  2. Redeem rewards: Trade in your points for refreshing items in the catalog
  3. Special offers: Earn even more with special seasonal bonuses

What rewards can I redeem? Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can earn?

  1. Check out the Pure Life catalog to see what you can earn, from branded swag to event tickets and more!
  2. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can redeem! (While supplies last)

How can I earn bonus points?

Other than uploading a photo of a receipt, you can earn more points by completing these activities:

  • Share with friends via social media or email to earn 50 points
  • Take our survey for 100 points
  • Complete your profile for 100 points
  • Take our MadeBetter® Pledge for 100 points
  • Take a poll for 50 points
  • Subscribe to emails to earn 75 points
  • Follow us on social media for 50 points

For additional Rewards Drop inquiries, check out our FAQs.