Our commitment

Our Pure Life® purified water heritage began more than a century ago, and the health of our springs is our top priority. Our goal is to continue to provide Pure Life® purified water for generations to come.

Water stewardship

Certification of five of our factories under the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) International Standard. This is an international certification that sets rigorous criteria for managing water in ways that are environmentally, socially and economically beneficial.


Looking for ways to save water

We’re always looking for new and innovative technologies and ideas that can help us make the best use of water throughout our processes. Recently in California, we converted the cooling towers in our bottling plants to re-use water we previously discharged. This significantly reduces the need to use municipal water, saving over 55 million gallons each year.


Packaging & Recycling

Since 2005 we’ve reduced the amount of plastic in our 0.5 liter bottles by over 40%. What’s more - all of our bottles are 100% recyclable. Once recovered and sent to a recycler, our bottles are cleaned, dried and melted into pellets (called nurdles) and can be used for new bottles and all sorts of new, reusable things.


Investing in the future

We are on a deliberate journey to ensure recyclable materials are collected and recycled. The PET bottle is a valuable resource that can be reused over and over, but the systems needed to do this in the US are limited.

That is why, in 2017, we committed to invest a total of $6 million in the Closed Loop Fund, a social impact investment fund committed to finding a national solution to the critical recycling gap in the U.S. These dollars will support comprehensive recycling infrastructure and programs in cities across the U.S.