Healthy hydration starts with Pure Life®

We provide a range of hydration solutions for all life’s stages, so you can concentrate on the people and moments that matter most.

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Take the Pure Life® Summer Challenge with Robert Irvine

This summer we’ve teamed up with world-class chef and entrepreneur Robert Irvine to challenge your family to come together, get active and stay hydrated.

Through Chef Irvine’s family-focused recipes and activity ideas, we’ll help your family create new routines and healthy habits, together. Join in on the fun and take the Pure Life Summer Challenge.

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Here-for-you hydration

Pure Life® makes healthy hydration easy so you can make the most of every moment.

Whether it’s refreshing you and your loved ones' day-to-day or showing up with clean water for communities in need, we’re always here, wherever we’re needed.

Our Values

Water is essential for everyone.

Any way you water, Pure Life® is your go-to hydration hack that’s easy to grab, pack and enjoy. That’s why we take pride in always being there, wherever we’re needed – whether it’s fueling your family day-to-day or showing up with clean water in the communities that need us most.

See joy in imperfection.​

Life gets messy. Embrace it. We’re here to help you soak up the joy in every imperfect, amazing, chaotic, real experience, drop by drop, day by day. Take your time, take a breath, and flow with the fun because a truly Pure Life is when you make the most of every moment.

Family is the people you do life with.

We believe family is vital to our well-being and happiness, whether you’re born into it or it’s the one you’ve found for yourself. Refreshing our spirit and refilling our cup, family is the people you just can’t do without.

Water leads to wellness. 

Water is the source of everything good: hydrating our bodies and keeping us healthy so we can fully drink in life’s every joyful moment. That’s why a Pure Life begins with purified, mineral-enhanced water that makes living well – and being well – easy for everyone.

100% Pure Quality Water

Every drop in every bottle is put through our rigorous quality process to make sure it meets our high quality standards and tastes great too.

Recyclable bottles

Our PET bottles are designed to be recyclable and select bottle sizes are already made with 100% recycled plastic*. How do we do it? Once our bottles are recovered and sent to a recycler, they’re cleaned, dried, and repurposed to make new bottles.

Enhanced with minerals

Our water is enhanced with minerals to ensure a clean, crisp taste every time you take a sip.

Our commitment

to our veterans

We are proud to support the University of Health & Performance (UHP), where veterans receive hands-on training and acquire skills to confidently start, or enhance, health and wellness coaching careers. ​

Our donations support scholarships for veterans to complete their coursework at the UHP at no cost. Past donations supported building a culinary center to fuel students, staff, and guests on the UHP campus.

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