Our Commitment to Quality

We believe everyone deserves access to clean drinking water and strive to deliver healthy hydration solutions for everyone in your family.

100% Pure Quality Water

Every drop in every bottle is put through our rigorous quality process to make sure it meets our high quality standards and tastes great too.

Recyclable bottles

Our PET and aluminum bottles are designed to be recyclable and select bottle sizes are already made with 100% recycled* materials. How do we do it? Once our bottles are recovered and sent to a recycler, they’re cleaned, dried, and repurposed to make new bottles.

Enhanced with minerals

Our water is enhanced with minerals to ensure a clean, crisp taste every time you take a sip.

*Excludes label and cap for 100% recycled claims. Bottles may not be recyclable in your area.

Efforts to Recycle Plastic: In 2018, approximately 29.1% of PET bottles & jars were recycled across the United States. Recycling rates of PET vary across regions and recycling programs with bottle deposit return systems achieving the highest recycling rates up to 2.5 times the national average. Existing forms of mechanical recycling diminish the quality of plastic with each recycling attempt, although work is being done to try to find ways in which recycling might restore this quality.